Simply rip open an envelope and start planning!

Use these cards as a springboard to create truly memorable moments for you and your friends. Focus on what would make the best experience for you. And as everything is better with friends, include yours right from the beginning.

Play individually, with a partner or with friends. Life loving adults (18+) recommended.

PICK: When you’re ready to start playing, simply pick an envelope and open to reveal your first experience. If playing in a group, alternate who picks.

DO: Plan, plot and scheme with friends to bring your experience to life within 30 days.

SHARE: Inspire others with stories of your experiences - your card draws, planning journeys and your interpretation of experiences. Follow @luckydipcards for ideas and tips.

REPEAT: Once an experience is complete, pick again!

Get creative to get maximum impact

Now’s your chance - what do you dearly want to do? Think about this before and throughout your planning. How could you include your wish or adapt the written experience to make it truly excellent for you? There are no rules in this game, only the aim to get you filling your year with memorable moments. If there’s an experience revealed that you’d rather not do, or can’t do, that’s completely OK! We’ve included a few blank cards, so simply write down what you dearly want to do, and keep playing.

Not the same old, same old!

Fill your year with memorable moments.

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